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Utility Payments

Notice to Residents:

You will still receive your bill by postcard monthly with your billed amount and due date.

A new program update will soon allow you to see your billed amount and do online payments and autopay.  **Stay tuned for go live date**

Online bill pay is not a requirement. Payments are now being taken at the First National Bank and Trust of Weatherford in Morrison, across from City Hall.  You can take it inside to a teller or around the side to the Bank night drop.  Or mail it to them if you don't want to do either.

This change is to allow a more efficient payment process for our customers.  We ask that you DO NOT drop payments in the door at City Hall or bring them inside. 


Payments can be mailed to PO Box 177, Morrison, OK 73061.  

2017 CCR Report

Service Fees: 

Residential Owner Deposit - $100
Renter Deposit- $200
Commercial Deposit- $150
New Construction in City Limits
3/4 inch line - $750
1 inch line - $1000
Outside City Limits
3/4 inch line - $1,000
1 inch line - $1,250
Sewer Water Tap - $250
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